Pre-purchase Examination

Pre-purchase examinations are extremely important and are performed to reduce the risk taken when purchasing a new horse.

We recommend that all new purchases have a full five stage pre-purchase examination which is a thorough check over taking around 1.5 – 2 hours.

To request a price, or book a vetting please call the office on 01483 811007.

We follow the BEVA guidelines completing their recommended worksheet and write a full report which is provided to our clients.


The check over is comprehensive and includes examination of;






Soundness – (ensuring the horse is not lame)

Foot balance (including shoeing)

In order to perform a thorough evaluation we will require a dark stable, a flat trot up area (not stoney), a school (or suitable riding environment), tack and a competent rider.


Routine radiographs (xrays) are not part of a standard 5 stage vetting but may be recommended if the vet is suspicious of a problem during the examination. Valuable horses or those going on to high level competition are often routinely radiographed at the purchasers or insurance companies request. We have portable facilities to perform this, please request this at time of booking.

2 Stage Vettings

We are often requested to perform a 2-stage or limited pre-purchase examination. These are shortened examinations that do not include certain stages of the 5 stage vetting. As a result the information that we can ascertain from the examination is incomplete and we will normally ask our clients to complete a disclaimer explaining this. Generally, we will not give our opinion (pass or fail) on a horse being able to perform the intended purpose but will list all the potential problems that are found. This should be reserved for experienced horse owners, and occasionally for those clients that have had the horse to be vetted on loan for a reasonable period of time. This should not been seen as a cheap alternative, vets fees are the same irrespective of the horses’s purchase price.

Insurance Vettings

We are frequently asked to perform a vetting for a clients insurance company. These examinations are the same process as detailed above and a full certificate will be issued.

Information required

We will require the following information to organise your vetting

1) Sellers Name, Address and contact number (including mobile)

2) Horse’s Name, Age, Type, Colour, Sex

3) Intended use (e.g. dressage etc)

4) Location – including directions

5) Purchasers information – name, address and contact numbers

6) Any specific concerns


To book a vetting with us then please call the office 01483 811007